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Hi! My name is Susie Townsend,



Defining Ministries is my act of obedience. 

My motivation is to see all who humble themselves to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior get to experience the life he purchased for them on the cross, and live empowered by God's Spirit. 

With Defining Ministries I hope to use the gifts God has given me to come alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ to build up His Church.


I believe the Bible is the inerrant, divinely inspired, and very much "alive" word of God.

I believe the Apostles' Creed.

I believe in the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that reliance upon the Holy Spirit is essential to living the new life of a Christian.

I believe the heart of the good news of Christianity is an invitation to a real and intimate relationship with God. 

I believe Jesus died on the cross to remove the barrier that our sinful and rebellious lives created between us and God. And that now, only because of Jesus, anyone can be reunited to their creator and life-source God, simply by receiving his forgiveness, and coming under his Lordship.

I believe a relationship with Christ (Christianity) is sustained through consistent prayer and worship (connection with God), Bible study, and authentic community with other Christians. 

I expect humanity to sin against me, but I live armed with forgiveness and gratitude for all that Christ has forgiven me. 

I believe a growing and maturing Christian will change to become more and more like Jesus, bearing fruit and doing good works as they abide in the Spirit and take steps of obedience. 

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