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The ultimate girl talk experience, THE sleepover of the school year. Define is a conference for girls in grades 7-12 pursuing life with Jesus. Registration for our upcoming event is closed. You can follow us on instagram for more content if we missed you! @defineforgirls


Bring Define content to a Wednesday night near you! Great for a mixed-gender audience. Contact for ways to format our legacy-shaping material to your students needs. Examples of speaking topics include standards in dating, making the most of your single years, God's design for sexuality, knowing your identity, and marriage: the big picture.


Ideal for parents or ministry leaders who desire to be equipped to disciple by God's designs. Many of us feel inadequate when it comes to addressing cultural topics that our students desperately need our guidance on. Defining Ministries will equip and empower you to be your students best advocate as they navigate their teen years in pursuit of God's best.

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“Honoring God’s design for sexuality will be one of this generations greatest acts of worship. It will be costly but it will be holy. They will have to stand in the face of the lies of the world telling them to be ruled by their desires and reply: “It is our joy! It is our greatest delight to honor the Lord in our bodies! Even if our cross is abstinence and denying ourselves sexual pleasure, we will take it up and we will follow Jesus!” 

-Jeremy Riddle

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